Mr. Tahir Hussain Khan

Starting from nowhere, with a small step, progressing from Paleozoic Era, travelling the journey of millions and millions of years, and approaching the current era of Cenozoic period called current time modern age. Anchoring the outer space, exploring the planet earth, controlling the fathomless oceans not only took millions of years but is also greatly indebted to billions of hours dedicated to research in all walks of life and all fields of knowledge.
It is human instinct to learn new and learn more, that since time immemorial forced man not only to contemplate but also to investigate through analysis, testing and experimentation. This is research, that has helped man to materialize the thoughts, once considered as to be mere dreams, into real concrete and physically existence. We as a nation, have so far been enjoying the comfort and ease achieved by others. Now, it is the time for us to contribute in this international bank of inventions and discoveries, this is only possible if we invest in research and research based enterprises. Pakistan Young Innovative Minds aims at achieving this target through research and investigating in all fields of education.
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