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Each country may be represented by one team, consisting of five high school (secondary school) students. The participation of university students is not allowed. Each team is accompanied by two team leaders.

The problems are formulated by the International Organizing Committee (IOC). Each participating country suggests possible problems. The IOC then chooses from this pool of problems, maybe rewording them partially. The IOC takes care that not all the problems come from the same fields of physics

Students of Highschool (grade 8th, 9th, 10th), A levels and O levels and higher secondary school  can Participate. 

PYPT regionals are held in October and November every year and nationals of PYPT are held in December and January.

Each team participating in PYPT consists of minimum 3 members and maximum  5 members.

Yes individuals can participate in PYPT. Individuals are adjusted in some other team.

Best 3 teams are selected in finals of PYPT. Then out of 15 participant , 10 participants are selected then out of which best 5 are selected.

You can simply write an email or contact on any social media account.

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