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Pakistan Chemistry Tournament is a project of PYIMS (Pakistan Young Innovative Minds’ Society). It is a competition for high school and college students (O-level and A-level) to develop the skills to solve researched based problems related to Chemistry, work in a team, and presentations expertise to students. The student has to work on problems released by International Chemistry Tournament and present their solutions and do debates on that problem in a round named Scientific Debates (SD). The finalists of PCT will represent Pakistan in International Chemistry Tournament (ICh To).

What is PCT?

PCT is a chapter or the International Chemistry Tournament(IChTo) operating in Pakistan. PCT is an annual tournament that challenges high school students to solve complex chemistry problems in a competitive environment. Teams from across Pakistan compete in a series of rounds, starting with a regional qualifier, and advancing to a national final. In each round, teams are presented with several theoretical and experimental physics problems and have a fixed amount of time to prepare and present their solutions to a panel of judges. The judges evaluate the teams based on criteria such as the depth of their understanding, the clarity of their presentation, and the creativity of their solutions.

Previous Tournaments

There are no previous PCT tournaments as this is the first one.

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