Team Pakistan white and Team Pakistan Green participated first time in 11th IYNT held in Almaty, Kazakhstan and Team Pakistan White won the Bronze medal under the leadership of Ifrah Ali and Raja Neehaat Ali Hussain Khan.

Team White have following members

Haziq Sheerazi (Team Captain)

Ayan bin Rafaih

Ahmad Sultan

Zeest Fatima

Shaayan Mohsin

Noor Fatima Quddusi

The 11th International Young Naturalists’ Tournament took place on the campus of National Scientific and Practical Educational and Wellness Center Bobek in Almaty, Kazakhstan on August 20—27, 2023.

The Center occupies an area south to the center of the old capital and largest city of Kazakhstan, Almaty. It has a variety of facilities, including an astronomical observatory and a medical health recovery complex. Bobek aims at advancing the intellectual potential and wellness of young students through their desire for self-understanding, self-determination, self-realization and self-development.

Team Pakistan White after wining Bronze medal