Tenured Professor Dr. Farida Tahir Founding Member Pakistan Young Innovative Minds Chief Executive Pakistan Young Physicsts’ Tournament Team Manager Team Pakistan for IYPT Team Leader Team Pakistan for IYPT Mentor Science Talent Farming Scheme 5 BATCHES : A Project of STFS International Juror for IYPT

Dr. Farida Tahir

Since the creation of Adam and Eve as theologians believe or since the time of Big Bang as the scientists theorize it, the creative nature of MAN spurs human being to go for Novel Inventions, to seek for New Discoveries, to excavate antiquity to get modernity out of it.
Solitude created an individual, these two companions produced crowds, crowd developed into Nations and Nations formed the World. This existence of world is basically due to unique tools that are made whenever with the passage of time there need arises.
With the passage of time, man worked further hard to come up with new demands and toiled tirelessly to facilitate humanity by practically maturing such ideas. It is nature of human being to explore and put more efforts in inventing new tools, devices and gadgets.
To overcome various diseases and ailments, medical science is busy looking for new medicines and antidotes. This has enabled man in curing diseases which sometime in the past were termed to be incurable.
To whom should the credit of these achievements be rendered: Of course, researchers, scientists, investigators and educators win this credit.
We, in Pakistan not only lack in researchers, scientists, investigators and educators but are also deficient in having institutes or organizations that aim at producing the most required professionals. Pakistan Young Innovative Minds (PYIMS) is one such platform that is established with the objective of promoting research in almost every discipline of education. Another salient feature of PYIMS is that its target is the students of \Primary, Middle, Secondary and Intermediate levels. The most appropriate age for sowing the seed of research in the fertile brains of tender age. This in turn, will help our country to produce great scholars, scientists and inventors

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