Time Split and Procedure of Execution of Physics Fights


A team that presents their solution in power point presentation to a problem; the time division and execution is:

  • 1 minute for the presenters to decide if they accept
  • 5 minutes for the presenters to prepare the presentation
  • 12 minutes for the presentation.


A team that challenges the Reporter to demonstrate their solution; the time division and procedure of execution is:

  • 2 minutes for the opponent to ask clarification questions. – If they didn’t understand something or missed it.
  • 3 minutes for the opponent to prepare the scrutiny
  • 14 minutes for the discussion. (Less than 4 minutes to summarize the presentation and point out points for discussion  and less than 10 minutes for the discussion)
  • 1 min for the opponent to summarize the discussion


A team that summarizes and evaluates the arguments from the other two sides: the time division and procedure of execution is:

Selection criteria of PYPT

The selection procedure of Pakistan team for International Young Physicists Tournament comprises of three stages. In the first stage there are regional competitions.

Initially all regional teams will be allotted 6 problems out of total 17 problems and in the regional competition top 3 teams will be selected from each region.

These eighteen teams will be given 5 problems from remaining 12 problems and they will meet in Islamabad in February. Out of total 18 team members top eight will be selected on merit.

These eight will be assigned 5 problems out of remaining 7 and then in the final selection in April/May final team of best five be selected for IYPT